7 Really AWFUL Hair Style Ideas!

You really have to wonder what any of these people were thinking when they got these hair styles. Feel better about yourself when you consider that none of the hairdos you’ve had or done for others come nowhere close to being as terrible as these:

The Lemur

Why settle for a rat tail when you can have the body of an entire animal straddling your skull!

Condom Coif

Ma’am, that’s not how those are supposed to work.

Veil Hat

What lady wouldn’t want to look like a 12th century Mongolian warrior?

Dreadlock Horns

Yet another example why white people shouldn’t attempt dreadlocks

Male Beehive

Ever wondered why the 1960’s beehive never caught on as a male hairstyle? Now you know.

The Merm

Some people don’t like mullets. Some people don’t like perms. Put them together and get something everyone can dislike!

Hair Cap

I’d like to see him take that off during the national anthem!

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