7 Downright Strange Hair Salon Names

Here are few salons with names so weird that you wonder how they got any clients to walk through their doors

Destroy Hair & Beauty Salon

At least they are honest about what they’re going to do to their clients’ hair.

Oooh Girl Who Did Your Hair Salon

This sounds like it could be the basis for an Abbott and Costello routine.

Nazi Beauty Salon

No trim for you!

Assman’s Barber Hairstyling Salon

Mr. Assman faces tough competition from Legman’s Salon and Breastman’s Beauty Parlor

Hairy Pop-Ins

Get it? Like Mary Poppins…except so not like Mary Poppins.

It Will Grow Back Hair Design

Not a name designed to inspire confidence.

Chainsaw Massacre Salon

Come in this month and get their Leatherface special!

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