7 People Having a Worse Hair Day Than You

These 7 awful hair styles will either have you feeling better about your own hair…or worse for the human race:

Confused Mullet

This combines all the worst hair styles of the last 30 years onto a single head.

Bird of Prey

Flock of Seagulls? More like Flock of Eagles.

Mullet 2.0

This woman’s hair is the very definition of taking a bad thing and making it worse!

The Ginger ‘Fro

It’s okay to admire a fashion icon…but not if that icon is Ronald McDonald.

Four Green Front Braids

This hair style is…unique. Unique is good. Right? Right??

Poof Do

How’d they do dat?

The Helicopter

Crash and burn!

Elephant Dung

Please, oh please, someone tell me that this picture was Photoshopped!

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