The Do’s and Don’ts of Salon Client Consultations

Here are some tips about what to do and what NOT to do during a consultation with a new client:

The DO’s:
1. Make the clients comfortable by greeting them in a fun and energetic manner
2. Confidently suggest what will look good on the client. (The client can then let you know what she or he thinks of your suggestions. Most of the time they’ll be happy with what you suggest.)

The DON’Ts:
1. Be distracted by the phone.
2. Insult the client’s hair.
3. Confuse the client with hairstylist lingo.

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Best Ways to Deal with Salon Client Complaints

Learn some ways to deal with dissatisfied clients:

About 95% of complaints can be traced back to a misunderstanding during the consultation.

Veteran hairdresser Julie Eldrett offers these suggestions (which you can remember by the acronym LAST) for handling client complaints:

L – Listen – And show you are listening to them.
A – Apologize – You may not think the client has a real problem, but acknowledge that she really feels there is a problem.
S – Solve – Do what you can to get the client’s hair the way she or he wants.
T – Thank – Let the client know that you appreciate the opportunity to make the situation right.

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Go Through 100 Years of Hair Styles in One Minute!

This fascinating video has one woman with the hair and makeup typical of each decade from 1910 to 2010–sped up to take just about one minute:

Those are all probably type of hairstyles we’ve seen before, but the contrast between them all really comes one when they can be shown on the same woman in such a short amount of time.

Also interesting is that the styles from some of those decades would still look good today–while others would be freakishly out of place!

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